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Say What?

Like many industries or organizations- 5280 Waste Solutions has it’s own language! 

We want our customers to understand our lingo and feel empowered when discussing their options, talking to our drivers, and adjusting their dumpster needs. At 5280 Waste Solutions we are constantly trying to improve and do whatever we can for our customers. 

If You’ve Ever Been Lost or Confused on Waste Industry Lingo, You’ve Come to the Right Place. Let’s Get Started. Here are our top trash terms! 

ACM:Asbestos Containing Material that has to be handled by special licensed professionals that has to be transported by fully closed containers 

Container/Can:Other terms for dumpster. In some regions, a dumpster is also called a bin, or debris box depending on where you are in the country.

C&D:Quick, short form for construction and demolition waste, which is the majority of what we haul in our dumpsters

Delivery/Drop: The first time placement of an empty dumpster at a job site 

Dump & Return:Driver takes the full dumpster, then empties out the can at the landfill and takes the same can back to the job site

Final:This will be the removal of the last dumpster without replacing it with a new, empty one

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): Typical, everyday trash that is thrown away by the public and is also hauled in dumpsters

Non-Conforming Waste: Special types of waste material that present health or safety risks, requiring dedicated, transportation or disposal processes, apart from the general flow of conforming waste. Visit here to understand what is not allowed in our dumpsters. 

Placement:This refers to the customer selected location on the job site. We’ll put the dumpster where it needs to be for the best access on the job site

Relocate:Driver takes the dumpster from one job site address to a different job site address

Reposition:Driver moves the dumpster to another spot at the same address

Switch:When a driver switches your full dumpster for a new empty dumpster at the same job site 

See… that wasn’t so bad. What unique terms does your company use?

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