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Commercial Dumpster Rental

Having the right commercial dumpster can create a significant difference in a smooth operation for your needs in the Denver area. If you use any of 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions dumpster rentals for your project in Denver be it a commercial remodel or a construction project you are assured that all your debris can be fitted in any of ours.

Our Dumpster Rental Sizes

5280 Waste Solutions offers dumpster sizes for all types of junk removal projects, ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards in dimension. Book a dumpster online by selecting a dumpster below to find the right size for your project.

10 yard dumpsters have a 5 ton max with 2 tons included in the price, every other dumpster has a 10 ton max with 5 tons included in the price.

  • 10YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    10 Yard

    At dimensions of just under 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and just over 5 feet high, this dumpster holds up to 5 tons, and is perfectly suited for small residential projects like basement, attic or garage clean-ups, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, individual roof shingle replacements, cleaning a recently vacated apartment or small house and more.

  • 12YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    12 Yard

    Our 12-yard roll-off dumpsters are longer (16’) and wider (8’) than our 10-yarders but are shorter at 3’6”. They can hold up to 10 tons and just as perfect for small-scale residential efforts like basement or garage clean-outs, kitchen and bath remodeling, deck demolitions, excess dirt and sod removal, concrete demolition and other contained projects.

    12-yard heavy roll-off

    Another option for the 12-yard dumpster is the 12-yard heavy. This is for dirt, rocks, concrete, or shingles. These items can be very heavy, and with this dumpster our price includes 10 tons of waste.

  • 20YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    20 Yard

    At 23’ x 8’ x 4’6”, the 20-yard dumpster is specifically designed for larger residential clean-up and construction projects, like remodeling of larger rooms, large floor or carpet removal, demolition of decks and concrete and more. It’s also the smallest size we recommend for most moderate commercial and industrial projects. This price includes 10 tons of waste removal.

  • 30YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    30 Yard

    The 30-yard dumpster takes up as much ground area as our 20-yarders (23’ x 8’) but is a foot and a half higher. The price of this dumpster includes the removal of up to 10 tons of waste from your site. These units were designed for industrial waste collection. They can also be used for major residential projects, such as large-scale remodeling, new home construction and garage demolitions.

  • 40YDOpenContainerGrnBlkLines

    40 Yard

    Our standard 40-yard roll-off dumpster measures 23’ wide, 8’ long and 8’ high. Its primary use is collection of non-toxic industrial waste, and it’s appropriate for efforts that generate substantial construction waste and debris (commercial or residential demolition, commercial roofing and landscaping, large water and fire remediation, major home constructions, and more).

  • 40YDClosedContainerGrnBlkLines

    40 Yard Closed Top

    Our 23’ x 8’ x 8’ dumpsters are available with closed tops, which are the only models we provide suitable for the collection of hazardous waste. These dumpsters are for large-scale industrial and remediation projects that generate waste in the form of toxic, environmentally hazardous, or poisonous materials. The maximum waste removal limit for these dumpsters is 10 tons.

Providing Denver With Commercial Dumpsters

If you are about to carry out a construction project or even a commercial remodel in the Denver area you will need a commercial dumpster from 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions. Our team of professionals work around the clock to fit in your busy schedule to deliver, load and unload our roll-off dumpster. We offer dumpster rentals for a wide range of projects. Our roll-off dumpsters come in different sizes so you know that there is something for any project. When it comes to placing the commercial dumpster in your Denver business our 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions team will place the roll-off dumpster where it will serve you best as well as haul it away when you are done.

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Dumpster Rental Service in Denver

5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions in Denver offers quality dumpster rentals at competitive prices. We carry a full inventory of roll-offs and commercial dumpsters to suit your needs. If you are wondering what dumpster rental to pick, our team of account managers are on call to help you pick the right size of dumpster for your project.

One of Denver’s Best Dumpster Rental Companies

With a 24-hour guarantee We at 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions have taken out the hassle of renting a commercial dumpster in the Denver area. 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions has a variety of service packages for our dumpster rentals that range from three to 10 days, each coming with different prices. 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions makes your experience looking for a commercial dumpster easy and affordable and our office staff spells out all the details involved in using a roll-off dumpster.


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No matter what kind of waste your dealing with, 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions carries a full inventory of roll-offs and dumpsters to suit your needs. From residential waste to commercial waste to industrial waste solutions, our Denver dumpster rentals services are designed to help you out. If you are dealing with a commercial, residential or industrial waste situation, contact the professionals at 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions in Denver today.

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