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When you’re searching for a dumpster rental service in Denver, you can have the peace of mind that choosing to work with 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions is the right answer. We do our job efficiently, so you can be confident that you will not worry about anything else other than your project.

Our Dumpster Rental Sizes

5280 Waste Solutions offers dumpster sizes for all types of junk removal projects, ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards in dimension. Book a dumpster online by selecting a dumpster below to find the right size for your project.

10 yard dumpsters have a 5 ton max with 2 tons included in the price, every other dumpster has a 10 ton max with 5 tons included in the price.

  • 10YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    10 Yard

    At dimensions of just under 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and just over 5 feet high, this dumpster holds up to 5 tons, and is perfectly suited for small residential projects like basement, attic or garage clean-ups, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, individual roof shingle replacements, cleaning a recently vacated apartment or small house and more.

  • 12YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    12 Yard

    Our 12-yard roll-off dumpsters are longer (16’) and wider (8’) than our 10-yarders but are shorter at 3’6”. They can hold up to 10 tons and just as perfect for small-scale residential efforts like basement or garage clean-outs, kitchen and bath remodeling, deck demolitions, excess dirt and sod removal, concrete demolition and other contained projects.

    12-yard heavy roll-off

    Another option for the 12-yard dumpster is the 12-yard heavy. This is for dirt, rocks, concrete, or shingles. These items can be very heavy, and with this dumpster our price includes 10 tons of waste.

  • 20YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    20 Yard

    At 23’ x 8’ x 4’6”, the 20-yard dumpster is specifically designed for larger residential clean-up and construction projects, like remodeling of larger rooms, large floor or carpet removal, demolition of decks and concrete and more. It’s also the smallest size we recommend for most moderate commercial and industrial projects. This price includes 10 tons of waste removal.

  • 30YDContainerGrnBlkLines

    30 Yard

    The 30-yard dumpster takes up as much ground area as our 20-yarders (23’ x 8’) but is a foot and a half higher. The price of this dumpster includes the removal of up to 10 tons of waste from your site. These units were designed for industrial waste collection. They can also be used for major residential projects, such as large-scale remodeling, new home construction and garage demolitions.

  • 40YDOpenContainerGrnBlkLines

    40 Yard

    Our standard 40-yard roll-off dumpster measures 23’ wide, 8’ long and 8’ high. Its primary use is collection of non-toxic industrial waste, and it’s appropriate for efforts that generate substantial construction waste and debris (commercial or residential demolition, commercial roofing and landscaping, large water and fire remediation, major home constructions, and more).

  • 40YDClosedContainerGrnBlkLines

    40 Yard Closed Top

    Our 23’ x 8’ x 8’ dumpsters are available with closed tops, which are the only models we provide suitable for the collection of hazardous waste. These dumpsters are for large-scale industrial and remediation projects that generate waste in the form of toxic, environmentally hazardous, or poisonous materials. The maximum waste removal limit for these dumpsters is 10 tons.

Why 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions is A Quality Dumpster Company in Denver

5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions is the frontrunner for providing roll-off dumpster waste solution for businesses, contractors, residences, and HOAs in Denver. With a fleet of more than 30 trucks and 1,500 dumpster containers, 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions can cater to the greater Denver region within 24 hours. Our trucks are driven by trained professionals and are clean well-maintained vehicles. At 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions, we guarantee that you can have your roll-off dumpster within 24 hours of when you schedule to rent a dumpster. 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions provides you competitive transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We do not charge for delivery, fuel or pick up. Our clients can have their peace of mind knowing we consistently recycle the materials that we collect. 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions is committed to a green Colorado and a healthy environment.

How It Works

  • step1

    Step 1

    Start by selecting what dumpster size you need. Book a dumpster online or by calling us at (720) 924-4368. If you are not sure what dumpster size you need, give us a call and one of our experts can help you determine the correct size for your project.

  • step2

    Step 2

    We will deliver your dumpster and place it in your desired location. Make sure there are no cars or other objects in the way.

  • step3

    Step 3

    Once the dumpster is delivered, you can start loading your materials. Make sure to keep debris below the edges of the container.

  • step4

    Step 4

    Give us a call within your allotted rental period once you are done loading all the materials. We will schedule a day to pick up the dumpster. Make sure there are no objects in the way.

    Dumpster Sizes Available in Denver

    At 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions, we offer multiple types of dumpsters to suit your different needs. We have 10-yard dumpsters, 12-yard dumpsters, 20-yard dumpsters, 30-yard dumpsters, and 40-yard dumpsters. The 40 and 30-yard dumpsters are designed for the industrial waste collection. For residential construction projects, 10-yard and 12-yard dumpsters are the best while the 20-yard dumpster is designed for a larger residential job, moderate commercial or construction project.

    Learn More

    Your Reliable Residential and Commercial Dumpster Rental Company Denver Roll Off Dumpster Rental

    For the average homeowner or business entity, traditional trash pickup is generally sufficient to manage waste.  However, there are certain industries, like construction, that require greater capacity as a general rule, and when homeowners and businesses undertake renovations or construction projects, there’s bound to be more waste material than normal.

    This is where 5280 Waste Solutions enters the picture, with roll off dumpster rental options to suit projects large and small.  What is a roll off dumpster?  This service includes the use of specialized trucks that deliver your choice of a closed or open-top dumpster to the nearest convenient location, like your driveway or parking lot, on the street, at a construction site, or at another placement of your choosing.

    Our Denver dumpster roll off service is perfect for household purges or cleanouts, as well as junk removal or disposing of old furniture or other large items.  If you’re working on some home remodeling projects, or are dealing with an estate left behind by a loved one, simply rent a dumpster to make clearing out a house full of stuff easy. Roll off dumpsters are also ideal for renovation projects, roof replacement, and landscaping projects. Any time you’re faced with excess trash that won’t easily fit in your bin, consider a temporary dumpster for quick and easy cleanup.

    Who can benefit from partnering with a reliable roll off dumpster company?  We proudly work with:

    • Homeowners
    • Realtors
    • Property managers
    • Contractors/builders
    • Roofers
    • Landscape designers
    • HOAs
    • Estate cleanout services
    • and more

    In addition, we’re pleased to serve a wide range of commercial interests across industries.  When you’re in need of a temporary dumpster for rent, we’re pleased to offer a range of sizes, including smaller 10- or 12-yard containers for residential use, and 20-, 30-, or 40-yard waste containers for businesses and construction sites dealing with larger projects and significantly more waste.  We’ll help you determine the size of roll off dumpster that best meets your needs and deliver it the same or next day so you can get your project underway in a hurry.

    We also offer flexible rental terms.  As a professional dumpster rental company, we know that jobs don’t always go according to schedule.  If you’re lucky, you’ll come in under budget and within your deadline, but if you’re held up by weather, shipping delays, or other issues, you may need your dumpster longer than anticipated.  Even through the busy summer months, our massive inventory of roll off dumpsters allows us to offer the flexibility you need to complete your project without losing your waste container, even if you need an extension.

    When you’re looking to rent a dumpster in Denver with zero hassle, you’ll get the versatile products, exceptional services, and peace of mind you deserve with 5280 Waste Solutions.

    Friendly, Reliable Service

    You may have had bad experiences with other dumpster rental companies in the past.  Perhaps you had trouble reaching out of state customer support when they couldn’t find your location, the prices weren’t what you expected, or you ended up with a waste container that was too small for your needs.  Maybe a dumpster wasn’t available when you needed it, or you required a dumpster longer than expected because a job went over schedule, but the company was inflexible with extending your rental.

    At 5280 Waste Solutions,we want to make renting a dumpster easy. We are a local Denver business and are knowledgeable about the geography and layout of Denver and the surrounding metro areas. We pay great attention to detail and strive to offer every convenience for your peace of mind. For starters, there are never any hidden fees – you’ll enjoy full transparency on pricing when you book your dumpster rental.  Plus, we deliver the dumpster of your choice to your location within 24 hours, so you never have to wait, and our massive inventory allows us to offer flexible scheduling if and when you need it.

    Your satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we go above and beyond to offer the reliable services you expect and the exceptional customer support you deserve.  As a local company, we value every customer.  Whether you need a dumpster for residential, commercial, industrial, construction, or HOA purposes, 5280 Waste Solutions can accommodate your every need.

    Ongoing Waste Management Services

    In addition to providing Denver roll off dumpster rental service to accommodate temporary needs, 5280 Waste Solutions is pleased to work with HOAs across the city, offering ongoing waste disposal services.  Whether you’re looking for solid waste or yard waste collection services, we have the flexible options to fulfill your requirements.

    Our roll off dumpsters provide the ideal solution to community trash or yard waste collection needs, with several sizes of waste containers to choose from, depending on the size of your community and the anticipated volume of waste.  We not only deliver containers to your location with same day or next day delivery, but we’re happy to manage container collection and bulk waste collection as needed.

    Flexible options and outstanding customer service ensure that you always enjoy a positive and hassle-free experience when you partner with 5280 Waste Solutions to manage bulk waste needs.  We’ll help you select the dumpster size and scheduling that best serve the needs of your community.

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    Denver Recycling Services

    Recycling plays an important role in contributing to a sustainable future and can significantly reduce reliance on landfills and help conserve natural resources. A good dumpster company should also offer recycling services. At 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions, we are committed to keeping our Denver community and environment green that’s why we conduct steps for separation, staging, recycling, and waste disposal of your trash. That way, the materials you need out of the way may be applied to another project or be used for another’s benefit.

    The Dumpster Rental Company That Cares

    Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

    As residents of the mile-high city ourselves, we feel a strong drive to preserve the natural beauty all around us. However, environmental responsibility is one of our core values at 5280 Waste Solutions, and we’re committed to partnering with every client to meet environmental standards and complete LEED certified projects.

    To that end, we’ve developed a recycling reporting program that helps our clients to thoroughly document their waste management activities and become fully compliant with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, which are among the best in the world where environmental responsibility is concerned.  We’ll work alongside you to identify recoverable materials, categories, and systems at your Denver property, helping you to obtain any documentation necessary for LEED certification, and possibly qualify for financial incentives as a result.

    As a knowledgeable and experienced LEED recycling roll off dumpster company, we can also conduct essential waste stream sampling to find contamination, establish the source, and determine if any risks to humans or the environment are present at your job site.  This can help you to save time and money, as well as minimize risks and potential fallout during the course of your project.

    Supporting Our Local Community

    At 5280 Waste Solutions, we’re proud to be a locally-owned company operating in and around the Denver area, and we’re fully aware of the responsibility that comes with being a member of this special community.  We’re always looking for meaningful ways to give back to the city that so generously supports our local business.

    We work with Extreme Community Makeover, an organization made up of volunteers and Denver residents that conducts home and neighborhood improvement projects, such as painting, landscaping, graffiti removal, and more.  We want to keep our city beautiful, but we know that some neighborhoods are in greater need than others.  With Extreme Community Makeover, we work to improve Denver for the benefit of all.

    5280 Waste Solutions proudly partners with a range of local, non-profit organizations and is pleased to participate in a variety of community events and gatherings.  If buying local and supporting worthy causes matters to you, and you need a reputable and reliable resource for dumpster rental, look no further than the friendly, experienced team at 5280 Waste Solutions.


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    No matter what kind of waste your dealing with, 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions carries a full inventory of roll-offs and dumpsters to suit your needs. From residential waste to commercial waste to industrial waste disposal solutions, our Denver dumpster rentals services are designed to help you out. If you are dealing with a commercial, residential or industrial waste situation, contact the professionals at 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions in Denver today.

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