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5280 prides itself on keeping the city of Denver clean and safe. We value doing our part to help out our community and extend a helping hand.

We believe in supporting our local community through partnerships with organizations like Home Builders Foundation. Last week, we proudly donated a 10 yard dumpster as G.J. Gardner Homes volunteered to install a ramp for a local family.

More About Home Builders Foundation…

For over 25 years, Home Builders Foundation (HBF) has enabled individuals with disabilities and their families to live more independent, elevated lives. HBF has completed home modifications including ramps, room alterations, bathrooms, and much more for more than 1,800 individuals and organizations.‍

Home Builders Foundation works with skilled volunteers and collaborative partners to come together to create home modifications that empower greater access, reinforce safety and equip recipients with the ability to tackle everyday tasks. To become a volunteer visit here or learn more about HBF at www.hbfdenver.org.

Other Community Partnerships

5280 also works with Extreme Community Makeover. Extreme Community Makeover coordinates volunteer teams to partner with underserved people to improve their own homes and neighborhoods. These projects build safer environments; cultivate community among residents, neighborhoods, and networks of local resource providers; and connect residents to a permanent path towards healthy, hopeful, and stable lives.

‍5280 Waste Solutions provides discounted dumpsters for these community clean up projects around Denver. 5280 echoes Extreme Community Makeover’s mission of keeping the neighborhoods of Denver clean and safe.


To get involved with Extreme Community Makeover click here.

In addition, 5280 works closely with Recycle Colorado. Recycle Colorado is an organization with the goal of making Colorado a national leader in waste reduction, recovery, and diversion. They work on projects relating to infrastructure and end markets for material recovery, reuse and manufacturing. Recycle Colorado works with local and state policy that supports keeping valuable material resources out of landfills. For more information, click here.

One example of our partnership was when we ran a promotional campaign where customers who rented a dumpster with a unique promo code donated $25 to Recycle Colorado. Through this initiative, and by offering our dumpsters at a great price for our customers to complete home projects, we can focus our efforts to make a positive impact.