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Keeping Colorado clean and green has never been easier—here’s everything you need to know about responsible recycling with 5280 Waste Solutions

In today’s eco-conscious world, recycling has become an essential responsibility for every individual.

As the Denver metro area embraces sustainability, its up to us to find new ways to contribute to a greener tomorrow—and recycling is a great place to start.

Fortunately, Denver is staying ahead of the curve. With an average diversion rate of 36%, Denver was well ahead of the national average in terms of recycling. Still, there’s always room for improvement…

That’s why we recently launched our brand new residential recycling service.

Responsible recycling is easier than you might expect, so whether you’re looking for a new waste hauler, or you just want a few tips on effective recycling, keep reading!

In this guide, we’ll equip you with all the tools and techniques you need to ensure that you’re going the extra mile for Colorado’s environment.

Why Choose Residential Recycling with 5280 Waste Solutions?

Before we dive into our tips for responsible recycling, we’d like to tell you more about our story, and why we recently launched a whole host of new services (including residential recycling)!

Our company has been a leader in waste management services, providing top-notch roll-off solutions to the Denver metro area for years…

But we realized that our community was missing out. So, as Denver’s only locally owned and operated waste hauler, we decided to focus on doing more for Colorado’s residents.

Our new residential recycling program is affordable, customizable to your needs, and most importantly, responsibly sorted from start to finish. And that’s not all…

Comprehensive Recycling Services: We accept a wide range of recyclable materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum, making it convenient for you to recycle all eligible items in one place.

Convenient Collection Schedule: Our flexible and regular collection schedules ensure that your recyclables are picked up on time, eliminating the need for you to visit recycling centers or wait for sporadic collection drives.

Simplified Sorting Process: No need to worry about sorting your recyclables; we provide easy-to-follow guidelines to streamline the process and make it as effortless as possible.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: As a responsible waste hauler, we’re committed to sustainable practices. By choosing our residential recycling service, you contribute directly to Denver’s environmental well-being

Responsible Recycling – Doing Your Part

We’ll take care of your recyclables and ensure they go to the right place—but eco-friendly disposal is a group effort, and there are a few guidelines you can follow to help us recycle responsibly.

1. Check the Plastic Resin Code

We’ll start with a general (and very important rule of thumb). Chances are, you’ve seen a number surrounded by arrows on your plastics. This symbol notes the type of plastic, and its recyclability.

And while we can recycle all plastics numbered 1-7, some are easier to recycle than others. Typically, plastics numbered 1, 2, and 5 are easier to recycle, and plastics numbered 3, 4, 6 should be avoided when possible.

2. Never Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic grocery bags are a recycling facility’s worst nightmare. They jam equipment, shut down machinery, contaminate entire loads of recycled materials (so, leave them out of your recycling ban).

3. Rinse and Dry Containers Before Recycling

To avoid contamination and ensure the recyclability of your plastics, rinse and dry containers before placing them in your recycling bin.

4. Avoid Tanglers in Recycling Bins

Items like hoses, wires, or plastic bags can tangle and jam recycling equipment, causing delays in the recycling process. Avoid placing tanglers in your recycling bin to keep the process smooth.

5. Don’t Recycle Anything Smaller Than a Credit Card

Smaller items like bottle caps, straws, and coffee pods can cause big problems for recycling equipment—so, keep them out of your recycling bin.

6. Keep Combined Waste in the Trashcan

Combined waste materials (things like plastic-coated coffee cups and bubble wrap mailers) can contaminate an entire recycling ban, and should be thrown in the trash.

Make Cleaner, Greener, Hassle-Free Recycling a Habit with 5280 Waste Solutions

So, recycling seems like a no brainer, right? Well, so is getting your residential trash and recycling hauled away with 5280 Waste!

We believe that getting your waste hauled away should be easy, and customizable to your household’s needs.

That’s why we went above and beyond with our new residential waste services—they include support from our Denver-based call center, affordable pricing, and flexible pickup schedules, to name a few.

So, ditch your big box waste hauler and get in on smarter, eco-friendly waste hauling services today, with 5280 Waste Solutions.

Ready to make a difference? Click here to learn more about our NEW residential recycling service or contact us now to get started!