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Warm weather is here! Let’s make the most out of your backyard space. Whether you’re wanting a relaxing place to drink your coffee or the ultimate destination for guests, we’ve put together a list of simple ideas to get started on this year’s landscaping projects.

1. Spruce Up Your Greens

When’s the last time you trimmed your bushes or gave shape to your hedge? Differing shapes and giving your plants a cleaner look can make your space look more sleek and inviting. Click here for basic lawn maintenance ideas.

2. Add an Entertainment Space

Do you love to entertain? Give your guests the ultimate place to relax and unwind! Whether your budget is big or small, creating a space for people to gather is a great choice. When creating this space, keep in mind where the furniture will face, what kind of weather you have in your area and if protection from insects will be needed.

3. Add Some Water

Add a level of peace and tranquility to your outdoor space with a small pond. This project requires some extra planning and plumbing expertise so make sure to plan accordingly. Big or small, additions of water can bring a relaxing touch to any backyard.

For all your waste removal needs for your next landscaping project, give us a call.