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Want to tackle the project yourself? We’ve put together some DIY renovations you can do indoors!

We get it, it’s cold! Snow is flying and you’ve been cooped up for way too long! Most people put off their improvement projects until summer but winter is a great time to check some projects off your list, here’s why:

  1. Well-known contractors are less busy
  2. Extra time for exterior projects for summertime
  3. Less time securing a permit


First, a simple yet effective method to spruce up your home and add value. Painting can be made simple if you keep a few key ideas in mind.

  • A thorough inspection of the room you want painted to take note of any cracks, flaking and peeling areas that may need scraped or sanded.
  • The more texture you have on your walls the thicker you’ll want your roller cover to be to reach into crevices
  • Protect anything you don’t want painted
  • Use primer
  • Paint from top to bottom

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Does this cold weather have you dreaming of creating a master bathroom with all the amenities of your favorite spa? We’ve got some inspiration for you!

  • Heated tile floors: Use radiant heating to warm for floors and you’ll never experience cold toes after a warm bath ever again. This feature really adds a spa like element to any bathroom!
  • Lighting: Including a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting is therapeutic and mixed with lavish light fixtures is the perfect spa-like mix.
  • Shower heads: Add a rainfall shower head to create a spa-like retreat.
  • Colors: When it comes to paint and countertops, stick with calming natural tones for enhanced relaxation.

Max out your kitchen storage

It’s time for a kitchen makeover. Top priority…storage! You’ve accumulated way too much over the years and need effective and easy ways to make the most out of your small to medium sized kitchen. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.‍

  • Hidden storage: Such as behind the backslash.
  • Built-in appliances: This creates a sleek look without taking up counter space.
  • Set dishware in a drawer: Offers easy stacking and you’re less likely to drop a dish off an upper shelf
  • Drawer Dividers: Use adjustable dividers to keep lids and other corresponding items organized.

Whatever the project, 5280 Waste Solutions offers a wide variety of dumpster sizes to fit the needs of your projects. Give us a call today at (720) 924-4368 or visit our website.