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How To Avoid Additional Charges On Your Dumpster Rental

We offer a flat rate price for dumpster rental that includes delivery and pick up, but there are a few additional things that determine your dumpster price. We want you to be informed of these items so there are no surprises!

Rental Extension

You’ve rented a dumpster but have now decided your project may take longer than expected. If you keep your dumpster over the original allotted time period, you will be charged an extra fee of $25/day. This can be avoided by planning ahead and taking the time to clear your schedule for whatever project you may be doing.

Exceeding Tonnage

The next way a customer can accumulate additional fees is going over our weight limit. When a dumpster is filled over our weight limit, we charge $60/ton. One way to avoid this fee is talking with one of our experienced customer service representatives when booking the dumpster and determining which dumpster will best fit your project. The weight limit allowed depends on the size of the dumpster. Click here to get a better idea of your project tonnage.

Along with determining your dumpster size, how you load your dumpster is also important. We suggest loading your larger items into the dumpster first and making sure there isn’t anything over our fill line. When items are over the fill line this can create a safety hazard on our the roadways.

Dumpster Contents

Thinking about what is going into your dumpster is also a very important way to avoid fees. Filling your dumpster with hazardous material can be a very serious matter, resulting in environmental fines.

Service Area

The final way to save on advanced disposal dumpster rental is considering our service area. When renting outside of our service area, it comes along with extra fees. See below the areas that 5280 Waste Solutions serves.

If you ever have any dumpster related questions, don’t hesitate to call (720) 902-9781. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have!