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The holidays are upon us.

With the holidays comes excitement, gifts, and….waste! With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays this year, let try to keep in mind the best ways to dispose of our holiday waste here in Denver. Let’s start with the biggest item… the tree!

How to Dispose of your Tree

You’ve taken off all the decorations and lights from your tree…now what? In Denver, you can set out your tree for collection on one of your scheduled trash collection days between January 4-15, 2021.‍

In May, you can pick up free mulch made from your tree as well!

Click here for more information on the 2021 Treecycle Collection.

What About my Artificial Tree?

We recommend donating your artificial tree so that someone else can enjoy it next year. Consider donating your tree to a nearby Goodwill.

You can also repurpose your artificial tree by making things like napkin rings and wreaths. Read more here for repurposing ideas.‍

What’s the deal with boxes and packaging material?

If you’re giving or receiving gifts in a cardboard box, they can be recycled! Simply make sure to flatten and cut pieces no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet. Only broken down boxes inside the cart will be collected for recycling.


Many retailers and shipping companies accept packing peanuts and styrofoam materials for reuse. You can find out where to drop off these items for reuse here. These items cannot be recycled as part of Denver’s weekly recycling pick up.

Next up…Lights!

Christmas lights are considered E-waste and contain materials that are hazardous. With that being said, they are disposed of differently than your typical weekly trash. Click here to find locations where you can safely dispose of your Christmas lights in Denver.

Wrapping Paper: What’s the Deal?

This year think of alternatives to garbage to build new traditions that have the environment in mind.

Regular wrapping paper will not be accepted as a recyclable in Denver this holiday season.

Please recycle paper gift bags and tissue paper. For a full guide on what materials Denver accepts for recycling click here.

Let’s all make the effort this holiday season to produce less waste! See here for some tips and tricks on how you can help reduce waste this season!