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Are you looking for a way to give back to your community this spring or summer?

Community clean-ups are a great way to keep your community clean, while providing a service to your community.

A community clean-up can take many different forms such as a neighborhood clean up project where a group, HOA, or block that gets together to rent a few dumpsters to clean up the shared spaces and any other waste from their homes. Or, dumpsters can be placed in parks or trails so that the whole community can pitch in and pick up the waste that is left on the ground.

A Safe Way to Give Back

We know it can be hard to organize any events or gatherings in these unprecedented times. A community clean-up requires very little contact but offers a big service to your community.

Let’s Get Planning…

1. How Do I Get Started?

When planning a community clean-up, simply choose a location, such as a parking lot, then choose a day to host your event. When you’ve worked out your details, give 5280 Waste Solutions a call and provide them with the day and time the dumpster will need to be dropped off. Before calling, it is good to have an idea of how many people will be participating and roughly how much waste will be generated.

Saturdays are popular days if you are going to need dumpsters swapped out during the event – in some cases we can even dedicate a driver to your event to make sure your dumpsters don’t overflow!

2. Choose an Enthusiastic Leader

Select someone from your community to coordinate the event and get the community interested.

3. Get the Word Out

  • Create a flyer highlighting the details for the event – including dumpster etiquette and what is not allowed in the dumpsters
  • Use community message boards and social media to spread the word
  • Tell your neighbors, local businesses and churches near you
  • Add the event to any community calendars

4. Send out a reminder a few days before the event

5. Decide how many dumpsters will be needed

A common question asked when planning to host a community clean-up is “How many dumpsters will I need for the event?”

We’ve hosted many of these events, so we have a good idea!

We typically recommend 3-5 dumpsters for a neighborhood clean-up, depending on how many people are planning to participate. 30 yard dumpsters are the most common for these events.‍

For more community clean-up ideas, check out our video.

To rent with 5280 for your next community event, please call (720) 884-0300.