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First time renting a dumpster?

Getting a dumpster delivered to your residence is the easiest option. To make sure you are comfortable from start to finish during the dumpster rental process, we are breaking down the steps.

     1. Choosing a dumpster size

Whether it’s a small spring clean-up or a big remodel…we have the size for you. Read all about the dumpster size needed for your project here.

    2. Ordering online or via phone

The next step is putting in your order.

To order, you have the option of calling (720-884-0300) or booking a dumpster online. When you are ordering make sure you have decided the size of the dumpster, placement of the dumpster, time of placement, address, and how long you want to rent the dumpster.

Things to consider when placing an order:

  • Our standard time to keep dumpsters is 3-7 days, but we offer extensions for an extra fee. If you have a longer term project, no problem! We can work out a special deal to make sure you get the dumpsters you need.
  • Your rate will depend on the size of the dumpster, # of days rented and distance from our home yard. Click here to see our standard service area. If you’re outside of the service area, discuss your options with one of our customers service representatives by calling 720 884 0300.

     3. Preparing for delivery

We take pride in getting your dumpster delivered at your desired time. You will receive a text or phone call from the driver when they are ion-route to your destination. Please make sure you are ready for the dumpsters’ arrival and clear the area that you want the dumpster placed.

   4. Fill that dumpster up!

Now it’s on you to take care of that clean up project, remodel or whatever else you may be filling our dumpster with.

    5. Pick up time

Let’s say you have a dumpster for your desired number of days, 5280 will then notify you when they are on the way to pick up your dumpster. If you have any changes to your reservations please let us know before we pick up.

  6. Payment

Typically, when a residential customer makes an order the payment will be made before the dumpster arrives.

If you book online, you will be asked for your card info to be entered and you’re good to go! You can order just about anything online these days, why not rent your dumpster in a few clicks.

If you’re booking over the phone, a customer service representative will process the payment.

Now that you are a dumpster delivery expert you can order one with us today!